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Capillar, ears massage & Hopi Ear Candling


Hopi Ear Candle revive traditional treatments older than 2,000 years of Native Americans. According to people who resort to this alternative treatment, not only in the ears occurs beneficial effect, but in other parts of the body, where they are a possible inflammation or pain. Healing ability is recognized and treated people so the allopathic medicine. Hot and cold air inside the pipe candle produces a pressure drop, which in turn will make a slight absorption of external ear. For this reason there is a Blood stimulation, intensifying the circulation speed in the area, making a light massage, body and soul revived. Another effect (not insignificant) comes from essential oils candle component. After firing, these essences come into intensive evaporation process and following vacuum tubes, get up on the surface of the ear canal, here with proven medical aromatherapy effect. Aromatic smoke produced during combustion vapor lamp behaves as dry and propagated by heat, flavors intensify and uniformly surrounds the ear, with a maximum effect. Hopi Candle burns about 10-15 minutes. During this time it produces a heating effect, which surrounds the ear and surrounding areas, even in the inner ear. As the candle has a tubular shape, form a zone of thin air, which produces a vacuum effect, after which, in the treated area, improves blood circulation. So moving toxins deposited place and the effect of blast some of them are absorbed inside the candle. The ear reflex points lymphatic circulation is stimulated ENT area. These reflex points located deep in the external auditory tube near the eardrum, are difficult to treat, but the effect candle reach even those hidden areas.


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