Spa Etiquette

In order for the spirit of relaxation, harmony and well being to install on all of us, we kindly ask you to take our recommendations into consideration

  • For optimal performance of the requested treatment it is recommended that you schedule at least 24-48 hours in advance. The name and your contact details are required to reconfirm your booking;
  • Presenting yourself to our center with a minimum of 15 minutes before starting time of therapy / treatment / other service is recommended; each of our guests, especially on your first visit, shall be filled with a member’s personal file on the health questionnaire (ex .: ailments, allergies etc.);
  • The first ten minutes of each ritual / treatment intended for your personal comfort, and so we encourage you to take more time than the actual duration of treatment chosen;
  • Delay in a therapy program automatically draws reducing the time allocated to it, but it may involve the full payment of the service;
  • In the performance of any of the treatments, please inform therapists about a possible discomfort (temperature, light, volume, sound, massage too easy or too firm and so on);
  • In order for the procedures performed by our therapists to have the best results, we recommend you well hydrated and in the range of at least one hour before and one hour after treatment, it is recommended not to eat fatty food;
  • To be eligible for perfect relaxation you deserve, please: use towels, slippers and disposable underwear that our center provides them to you; to quit during therapy, wearing jewelry, you are asked to give up as much as possible the use of mobile phones in the time spent in our center, or use silent call option;
  • Whether or treatment program staff „PURI BALI” service does not perform any persons under the influence of alcohol;

Hoping that our recommendations and suggestions above are created in order for you to meet the full relaxation, we invite you to experience a state of perfect harmony well which we will recommend every time you visit us!